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LegacyMaker exist to

Build healthy families that leave godly legacies

LegacyMaker: A visionary leader who builds today for generational blessing tomorrow.

People dream of living a great life. But many don't know how to achieve it nor do they have a coach to lead the way. LegacyMaker raises up those coaches and creates the resources to leave a legacy of generational blessing instead of brokenness.

Families are under attack

Our solution

The future of families is here

We’ll coach and equip families to lead a life well lived. We're doing it by giving them proven paths to a great life and generational legacy. We’ll show them how to create a life vision for 5 key areas- Family, Freedom, Finance, Fun and Philanthropy.

2. Freedom

Living your God-given identity and purpose.

3. Finance

Building generational wealth and empowerment.

1. Family

Creating loving and unified homes.

5. Philanthropy

Serving our community and the world.

4. Fun

Planning the adventures of a lifetime.

3. Finance

Building generational wealth and empowerment.


LegacyMaker University

Join the Movement.
Help us build 1,000 families this year. 

$10,000 equips 1 leader that impacts 200 families per year

Legacy Tomorrow

Consider these stats:

72% of churches report that they don’t have a ministry that trains and equip leaders to mentor couples. Nor do they host workshops or seminars to equip families to build on God’s principles.

Consider these stats:

19% of U.S. adults experience anxiety disorders. 20% of teens experience a major depressive episode within a year.

Consider these stats:

Did you know that suicide is the second leading cause of death for individuals aged 10-24? It has increased greatly over the past 2 decades.

Consider these stats:

1 in 3 marriages ends in Divorce leaving deep scars, affecting everyone, especially our children.

We will keep Families Together

With your help LegacyMaker, will create a future where families are transformed and strengthened through building healthy families that leave godly legacies. By training marriage and family leadership and resourcing families with tools to build their homes.

The Big Picture:

When you Partner with us your generosity will help us launch an organization that’s building the whole family. To help people find their identity in Christ and live out the good works God had planned for them long ago. Here’s a small snapshot of a few events soon to come.

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LegacyMaker Conference

An interactive experience designed to equip the entire family to dream big and live out the values of the 5F’s.

Marriage Retreats

Strengthening couples in an intimate environment for breakthrough. Designed to walk couples through a masterclass on intimacy and connection.

Rooted Women's Retreat

Ladies get away to discover their God-given identity. How to deepen their faith and strengthen their roots in the love of God. They’ll be mentored and connected in community.

Marriage and Family Coach Certification

For those who long to truly help couples stay together, we’re equipping leaders with proven systems for marriage breakthrough.

King Me

Men discover their purpose, overcome past pain and dream of the future.

LegacyMaker University 

LegacyMaker University (LMU) is how we create Legacy Makers - someone who leaves something that outlast them. This extensive course streamlines decades of experience, external resources, and research to develop an individual in 5 key areas. Family, Freedom, Finance, Fun and Philanthropy. Help us reach our goal of leading 1,000 families through LMU.

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